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Lego Club

Lego Club

Article 4681 | Published - January 19th, 2018

Seed and Plant Day at Pretoria Road Allotments

seed and plant exchange day at Pretoria Road Allotments

Article 4676 | Published - January 18th, 2018

Merlin Housing Office-Patchway closure

Merlin office closure

Article 4673 | Published - January 18th, 2018

Barclays Bank Patchway Branch Closure

Please note: Barclays bank based at Gloucester Road, Patchway will not be re-opening after the recent fire at this branch.

For more information please go to home.barclays/ukbranchclosures.

Barclays Bank Letter re Patchway Branch


Article 4654 | Published - January 11th, 2018

Black Bin changes

Black bins – from January 2018 the old 240 litre black bins for non-recyclable waste will be replaced with new 140 litre bins.

If you are recycling everything every week and still struggling with your black bin waste, visit our ‘Special circumstances’ page to find out how we can help you.

Frequently asked questions about the changes

Recycling – in June we made the changes below to recycling collections:

  • Recycling containers are emptied every week.
  • Green boxes can be used to sort recycling instead of a mixture of bags and a box. You can carry on using the white bag and green bag with the green box to sort your recycling if you wish.
  • Cans, aerosols and foil are now mixed with plastic bottles, tubs and trays in a green box or the white bag. You still need to sort other items so they can be separated into different compartments on the vehicles.
  • Cartons (Tetra Paks) are now mixed with cardboard in a green box or the green bag. You still need to sort other items so they can be separated into different compartments on the vehicles.
  • Large cardboard boxes should be cut or folded down so they are no larger than the green box.
  • Motor oil and car batteries are no longer collected from the kerbside and should be taken to a Sort It recycling centre.
  • Purple bags for disposable nappies are available for families with children under 5 years old to help manage their non-recyclable waste.
  • Discounted reusable nappy kits are available through our Happy Nappies scheme.

What isn’t changing

  • Black bins are still emptied every two weeks, even after the change to smaller bins.
  • Recyclable items should be sorted in your boxes so they can be separated into compartments on the vehicle. For example, keep glass separate from paper and keep cans and plastics separate from cardboard and cartons. Check how to use your containers.
  • Food waste is still collected every week. You can use plastic bags to line your food bin and kitchen caddy.
  • Garden waste is collected every two weeks with a subscription or booked sack collection. The green bins will not be reduced in size.
  • Communal bin collections from flats continue to take place every two weeks. Bins for flats will not be reduced in size.

Article 4650 | Published - January 10th, 2018

Southern Brooks Training Courses in Patchway 2018

Essential Cooking : 20th February . 9.30am -11.30am (6 Weeks ) Patchway Youth Centre

Intro to Youth Work : 5th March : 9.30am -11.30am (8 Weeks ) Patchway Youth Centre

Parenting a Child with ADHD: 6th March: 9.30 -11.30am (6 Weeks ) Coniston Community Centre

Grow Your Own : 9th March: 10am -12pm (6 Weeks ) Blakeney Road Allotments

Keeping Your Child Safe Online: 9th April: 12.30 -2.30pm (4 Weeks ) Coniston Community Centre

Stay Calm and Count to 10 : .11th April 9;30am -11.30am (6 Weeks ) Coniston Community Centre

If you would like information or to go to any of the above courses please call Philip or Ternaya on 01454 86 85 72 or e-mail training @southernbrooks.org.uk or go to the website. www.southernbrooks.org.uk /training

Article 4619 | Published - January 8th, 2018

Couch to 5k Course

We are planning our next Couch to 5k course!

An 8 week programme from Run England aimed at getting someone who does not run to being able to complete a 5 kilometre Park Run event.

We would meet in the car park of St Chad’s Church (172, Rodway Road, BRISTOL BS34 5ED) and then walk down to Scott Park and run on the measured circuit pathway. First week is at 4pm on Sunday 21st January if numbers are sufficient to make it work.

There’s a couple of us leading, so you won’t have to run on your own and we’ll go through some warm up and stretching exercises.

It would be wise to have reasonable running shoes, but there’s no need for any other fancy kit – wear what is comfortable and warm enough for the day. A water bottle would be good too.

There’s no charge for taking part, but if you qualify for Sports-Pound vouchers we accept them.

Contact Reverend Howard Jameson from St Chad’s Church for more information on 0117 979 39 78

Article 4633 | Published - January 3rd, 2018

Circuits/Boxercise Class

45 minute fun effective, fitness class, open to all levels of fitness, come along and start your fitness journey .

£5.00 per person

Every Wednesday at Patchway Community Centre, Rodway Road 6.30 -7:15pm

All Welcome


Article 4631 | Published - January 3rd, 2018

Patchway People December 2017

December_2017_Issue-Website version

Please click on the link above  for the December edition of Patchway People

Extra paper copies are available at Patchway Town Council Offices, Patchway Library , Patchway Community Centre and Coniston Community Centre.

If you would like to advertise or have an article you would like included then please e-mail Patchwaypeople@outlook.com

The next issue of Patchway People will be published in March  2018. Please send in your contributions by 1st February to the above e-mail  or leave your article  in Patchway Library .This Newsletter is run entirely by an independent group of volunteers and is in no way connected to any organisation .

Article 4586 | Published - December 13th, 2017

Photos from Patchway Remembrance Parade 2017

Poppies at cenotaph 2017 remembrance parade 2017Salvation army band pic

Article 4460 | Published - November 8th, 2017